Cimone Key is a German/American. She was born in Germany but currently lives in Dallas, TX. Cimone has a unique insight into the creative needs in her work which spans into various artistic directions. She specializes in typography, branding, advertising, photography, digital paint, illustration, web design and more! Her style is modern, sophisticated and distinctive with a timeless, classical edge.

Cimone graduated with honors in September 2012 earning her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree at age 21. She won best portfolio out of her graduating class. She has also started her own freelance business at age 21 designing for multiple clients that needs assistants with their design identity. Her work is powerful and even though her career has just began she has already started to make a huge impact in the design community.

Designing…. #boxfresh #shoedesign #graphicdesign  #graphicdesigner #shoes (at design bubble )

Designing…. #boxfresh #shoedesign #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #shoes (at design bubble )